Credit Card Donations 

Instructions for Credit Card Donations

to Mission Training Center

Choose which category you want to donate to, and click the appropriate "donate" button. The specific donate button you click will determine which category your donation goes to (MTC Operating Fund or MTC Building Fund).

After clicking the donate button, you will see a box labeled "Purpose".

Please carefully enter the specific purpose for your donation. If this box is left empty or the wording is unclear, your donation will go to where needed most within the category you selected.

In other words, the donate button you click determines which category you donate to, and your wording in the "Purpose" box determines the specific cause within that category that your money will go to.

Approximately 3% of your donation will go to Pay-Pal to cover processing fees. If you would like to have all of your donation go to BMA, consider using one of the other donation options (electronic check, or check by mail).

MTC Operating Fund

MTC Building Fund