Re-Entry and Debriefing

Just like NASA’s space program, re-entry in missions can be both challenging and dangerous. Not knowing how to handle the adjustments back into the home culture can be devastating to those who are returning.

Our Re-Entry & Debriefing program is designed to help those returning from the foreign mission field. Whether you were gone several weeks or many years there will be issues to work through when you come “back home”. This program can vary from four hours to several days depending on how long you were away.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Bringing closure to your trip
  • Culture shock & re-entry
  • Fitting back in to home church life – Integrating the lessons you learned into daily life
  • Identifying the “New You”
  • How to overcome a critical attitude
  • Going forward – Living your life with purpose

Our Re-Entry & Debriefing program can take place any time throughout the year.

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